Energy Efficient Checklist for Renovation

Are you planning to renovate your home soon? Here is the energy efficient checklist for renovation.

Energy Efficient Checklist for Renovation

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How to Choose Your Home’s Colours and Finishes

Interior designing is defined as the process of presenting yourself with a smarter and more visually appealing living/working place. Colors and finishes are the visual cues that you can judge when you get to see it, but thinking of it from scratch can be a difficult job. Consequently, it is usual for clients to get confused about the ways to turn their ideas for flooring, bedroom walls and kitchens into functional designs.

Usually, the process begins with several consultations with interior designers.

However, there are two basic things that need to be addressed to find a solution.

The first step is to browse through the images that look good and find a common visual thread that’s constantly appealing. This common denominator might be a lot of whites or contrastingly, very bright and dark colors. It could also be about the lighting or the contrasting texture that the furniture or the carpentry has.

Once the visual threads have been identified, the next step would be to create a visual theme around the cues. This is where you can put in your ideas rather than copying something from the internet that has charmed you.

Thinking about ideas for integrating the visual cues is also the part where you can create interiors that have a unique style and this is where you will need on to the second step.

Start by choosing a photograph that you have liked and want a similar kind of bedroom or kitchen for yourself. Get deeper to identify the kind of colors used, the surface of the finishes and other things.

At the end of the process, you will have a list of colors and materials that you can start working with and this will give rise to your master template.

The “master plan” will be utilizing all the finishes and colors that you have identified from the photograph. The trick here is to be choosy and not consider all the colors and finishes you see in the photograph.

To make it simpler, let’s consider that your ideal room is the kitchen and will need to integrate the colors, a, b, c and d. Moving on to the next, let’s say the bathroom, you will be using some of the colors you had used in the kitchen (say b and d) but also bring in new ones, say, color e and f. this is how you create a visual link between the rooms while making them different in appeal and overall finish.

This flow of colors needs to be maintained throughout to arrive at a smooth interior designing.

With interior designing, the choices you have are really endless. However, the only disadvantage is that you will never be able to judge your selections until they are physically in place and by that time; it might already be late for changes.

Thanks to technology however, we have digital rendition, photography, color visualizes, and designers who will be able to understand your idea and give them a digital form.

Your home can be in place virtually even before the actual construction has started! This gives you a lot of opportunity to experiment and change things if necessary. All put together in the end, you have a space that you can really call your own!

By Alec Wood, Marketing Manager at ARS Ltd.

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9 Benefits of Painting Your House [Infographic]

An effective use of colours on the interior and exterior of your house can increase its overall value. Here with this infographic, created by ARS Ltd, we are sharing 9 amazing benefits of painting your house.

Repaint Adds Value to Your Home

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Top 15 DIY Home Maintenance Tips

Owning your own home has a very special feeling. After a long day at work, when you return to your own home, it is the best and the most relaxing feeling. But just owning a home is not enough. It is important that the house is properly maintained and taken care of so that it remains in the best condition for ever. Many of us think of maintenance as refurbishment, but it is not so. Maintenance is regular checkup and care of things so that they remain functional. In fact with due maintenance smallest of the problems are located in the initial stages and repairing them is cost-saving as well as time saving.


Mentioned below are 15 DIY home maintenance tips, which are easy and simple and can be done by all:

1. Take time to clean the oven at regular intervals. Though it is a time taking process, the time investment is worth it from all aspects.

2. The condenser coils right at the back of the refrigerator need vacuuming at an interval of about 4 months. It helps in doing away with the dirt and dust accumulation.

3. Check for extension cords in the house which are worn with regular use. Replace them with fresh cords to avoid serious electrical accidents.

4. Make sure that the furnace filters are replaced seasonably. Clogged furnace filters will hamper the performance of the furnace when needed.

5. Check the battery status of the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the house. If they show low battery, replace them immediately to be sure that they function in case of emergencies.

6. If your front door is made of natural wood, make sure that you polish it well to retain the shine and texture. If it is painted, surface-wash the same.

7. Cleaning the coffeemaker is important from time to time. It will take only 10 minutes in the process. White vinegar and water can be used for cleaning the coffeemaker thoroughly.

8. The air filters, grille and register of the air conditioner need to be cleaned so that there is no dust or dirt accumulation in them. Cleaning the filters will help in bringing fresh air in the room.

9. Keep a check on the water heater in the bathroom. If you find even small amount of leakage, take care of it immediately for preventing further damage. Rust also develops on these appliances.

10. Check the electrical connections in all the rooms. In every home, there are switches that don’t work, cords that are loose or electric points that are not working.

11. Check the insulation in the doors and the windows particularly if you stay in cold areas. Glass repair work might be needed in case of glass breakage in the window or door.

12. The garage door safety check is important. This door is outside and faces the brunt of nature directly. It is important to check that the door is strong and functions well.

13. The power back up system in the house should also be checked so that it can be used during emergency situations without any hiccups.

14. Clean the kitchen chimney at regular intervals. The chimney attracts all the oiliness and vapors and tends to get clogged if not cleaned and serviced at regular intervals.

15. The plumbing system in the house should also be checked from time to time to detect any kind of leakage or wear and tear.

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Refurbishment Problems Solved Online

Yes – it is not just a tall claim, but all your refurbishment problems can be solved online. No, you do not have to physically go anywhere knocking on doors to find out expertise for your repairing jobs. You can do everything on your computer by clicking on and then targeting keywords like Ceiling restoration, Cladding repairs, Cladding spraying and the like. These firms have everything under their one umbrella organization. You will not have to go separately to one entity to have the ceiling redone and to another to have the window panes replaced. There is perfect alignment within various sections of one unit.

The Job:

What is refurbishment? It means rebirth – giving your structure a new life. Experienced professionals will jump in and first view the task from all angles before giving you their quotation. With the help of the computer you can compare their rates with other firms. Due to the Internet competition the rates will be affordable. You will find that refurbishing your building, whether office or home, is less costly than pulling it down and building anew. First, the site is inspected. Each detail is meticulously taken note of. Then, the overall sketch is chalked out. The job is viewed from all angles. For example, if the building is an eatery or showroom or theater then the ceiling will require restoration. Then, there is spray painting and other small things. All kinds of buildings are taken care of – mega constructions or medium or small units. They give the same attention to all the jobs they take up irrespective of the size. The fundamental rules are the same – the differing being only in the work volume.

The Challenge:

It is no easy task to take up the refurbishing challenge. The issue is – to say the least – sensitive. Invariable the refurbished unit is compared with the old from all angles – perfection and neatness. The usual question is how it is possible that the modern can be at par with the grandness of antiquity. Thus, the work cannot be hurried, but it has to crawl forward not ignoring any inch that has to be done. The tone and flavour of the past has to be maintained; colours have to be blended and the style has nearly to be a ditto of bygone era. The team engaged has to be alert about this constantly.

Until yesterday this sort of comprehensive help was not available in Britain. But a sea change has been rendered by the Internet era. The problems can be discussed online prior to fixing up inspection date. There is perfect alignment between the different segments under one parent unit. The past comes alive, but improved upon with the use of modern materials and knowhow. Without losing the mood of yesteryears a new building is born – stronger, better and more durable. This achievement is awesome. The best thing is that it is pocket friendly for all – the ordinary householder or for the owner of the multiplex.

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How Paint Finishes For Commercial Buildings Are Carried Out Magically?

Buildings for commercial use like corporate entities, retail stores, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, theaters and a lot more need an impeccable look from the outside, for reasons obvious. For example, the business brand and prestige is escalated to a high degree, if the corporate headquarters is located in an awe-inspiring building that radiates authority and prestige, by the very look of it.
The overall appearance of the building, although supported by the architectural design to some extent, achieves great heights by the colour it wears on the front elevation, side walls, roof and windows etc.

By using the word “colour” we mean the painting done to the outside surfaces. By virtue of exposure to Sunlight and various weather conditions, it is but natural the colour gets dull and faded over a period. The same effect of enhancing the total outlook of the building by bright and charming colours is equally applied, when the colour of the building poses a tired and worn-out look, in decreasing the image to horrible ends.

It is not practicable for demolishing and constructing the structures every now and then. But there are artisans who can breathe fresh life to aged commercial buildings, and make them look like as if brand new. The art performed by them is known as “Refurbishment”. These Refurbishment experts are well experienced in their field of bringing old buildings into magically transformed new buildings. This is learnt by handling a lot of commercial buildings, without the trace of anybody knowing the building is refurbished one, by their expertise and talents.

While undertaking complete refurbishment projects, to set-right damaged and repaired structures inside and outside any premises, they meticulously plan every step of renovation, keeping in mind two factors. One: the refurbishment should be profitably cost-effective and cost-efficient as value for the money; and two: they carry out the refurbishment tasks involved, with minimum disruption to the activities or business carried on in the said buildings.

In all the commercial buildings, the latest architectural technique called “Cladding” is invariably used. This is a technique applied on the outside surface of buildings, to prevent weather conditions damaging the building by infiltration. In order to prevent such infiltration, a shield or layer by use of metal, fiber optics and such other materials of strength and longevity is provided.

This Cladding can be further beautified by Cladding Spraying of selected emulsions and compounds of paints, by the Refurbishment experts to enrich their look, which enhances the beauty of the overall appearance of the building. Best part is this spraying paint can be performed frequently, if needed.

The experts use while carrying out the paint finishing of the surfaces, numerous painting techniques. Importantly, the building owners cannot put a halt to their day-to-day activities, during these finishing and painting tasks. As such, the refurbishment crews are adept in using Onsite spraying technicalities, so that at any stage it will not be disturbing the consumers, visitors or neighbors in any way.

For example, when they take up Shop front spraying in a retail outlet, they will finish the work deftly taking the unused portions first, and then coming over to the entrance at lean-periods of visitor-traffic. This way the Site spraying of desired paint combinations will be carried out smoothly that the onlookers will wonder as if they are witnessing a magic right before their eyes.

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Cost-effectiveness should be Your Capital Consideration in Commercial Building Refurbishment

There are compelling reasons normally for people to opt for building repair and refurbishment, especially in the case of commercial buildings. Growth of business necessitating more space; change of the lay-out and organizing use of the available space; giving a face-lift to the old and worn-out fixtures and fittings; adding attractions by trendy gimmicks in sophistication; giving a whole new look to your business through the premises in which it is run etc. are some of the most prevalent reasons. Whatever it is, if you act smart you can achieve a heart-rending total renovation of your commercial building, at a gleefully satisfying cost.

What is the first step for carrying out amicable building refurbishment project?

First and foremost is making a firm decision, as what is required to be done. There cannot be any wavering in this, as confusion will lead to delay and rework involving wastage of time and money. So it is ideal to prepare a mental plan and write it down on a sheet, as roughly what parts of the building need repair, rehabilitation or complete replacement. You need not worry much about this to come as a perfect plan, as this is only a base and you can modify the same to excellence, through experts later.

How to use others’ experience and expertise to your advantage?

As far as building repair and refurbishment is concerned, this is a ticklish assignment that only experts in the field can undertake and complete successfully. The main drawback is when compared to new construction, repairs and renovation work lacks the freedom available in the former. Painstakingly the professional craftsmen must follow the original plan of the building, in not deviating or degrading the total outlook of the building, and if anything they are to enhance the beauty vastly by working tactfully.

There are expert professionals available online, who by nature of their profession take up assignments of building repair, rehabilitation and renovation, day in and day out. With the vast potential of experience gained over the years, in refurbishing old commercial and prestigious structures of importance in UK, they are in good stead to take up and complete your project as well.

During their regular projects involving Ceiling restoration; Glass Repair; Shop front spraying; Industrial spray paintings; replacement of structures, installations and fittings or  carrying out entire Refurbishment of the building, to make it look as if newly constructed in the case of buildings of sizes small, medium and big, their exposure is very wide. You can make use of their expertise effortlessly as yours, if you approach them with a request for consultation and guidance.

Which factors will help you in reducing the cost of your Refurbishment Project?

In accordance with the rough-sheet you have prepared, as what are all the anticipated works involved, you can ask the experts as how best they can be accomplished. By frequent usage of assorted materials available in the market, particularly for cost-effective building renovation without compromising on quality, these professionals can guide you in the right way, to buy the quality materials saving huge costs.  Another factor in your favour is these professionals know as to what is the latest and trendy strategy, in reducing renovation cost considerably.

As such, looking from any angle, you stand to gain by enlisting the services of Refurbishment experts by clicking and happily get your commercial building refurbished, saving cost enormously.

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