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Work flexibility and Modular Manpower

ARS stands for Architectural Refinishing Services and is a family run Ceiling restoration, glass repair, refurbishment, and shop front spraying company, who pride themselves on providing efficient services for their customers.
 We have a long list of services which we carry out professionally until complete, for instance with our stain removal services we have experience in dealing with all different types or surfaces and finishes to assess the problematic stain and recommend and expedite a solution to remove it.
 ARS UK Ltd ensure we have the best operatives to complete all jobs and make certain that they are fully trained and qualified, in how to operate any machinery, or equipment needed. We also have staff who are as flexible as our company and work all contract periods to finish any extensive projects.
 As we are a family run business, we are loyal and devoted to our customers so will always ensure all jobs are completed when stated and to the highest possible standard as customer’s word of mouth is what sparked our growth.
 Our rapid response team makes us unique, as they have many years’ experience in dealing with last minute issues, so work well under pressure with time limits. We have programmed our work force into various sized interlocking teams, we call it Modular Manpower, so we achieve a flexible work force who works around the clock to give customers a speedy respone.
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Take care of your buildings – It matters

Not only people but the places where people live also need a lot of love and care. Buildings are known to have energy which could be either positive or negative. Proper care of the buildings mixed with the feeling of love, nurtures the positivity of the place. When the buildings are ignored broken and untended, the negativity of the place usually takes over the people residing in it. This is something that we human beings do not realize, we tend to take for granted the very roof on our head that saves us from heat, rain, snow and winter and gives us shelter.

The biggest reason that we ignore our shelters is because we think that we do not have enough time to mend them. But now this reason is not good enough, because we have services available that will do the job of making your building absolutely new only a call away. Various efficient services can be availed at nominal rates for refurbishment of the building. The latest technologies clubbed with most innovative solutions are perfect for any kind of repair that your building has to undergo.
Ceiling restoration is a service that does all kind of repair of the ceiling no matter how high or complicated the structure is. For repairing the glass, best technology is used to remove even the slightest scratches on them. Painting of a building tends to fade out with time, to mend this spray painting services are also available. All these maintenance tasks can make your building look like it was just constructed.
So why not use these services and get rid of any chance of having negativity at your place.

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Make your buildings look good

It is said that the condition of your home or workplace shows the condition of your life. A broken building reflects a broken business or a broken home. A highly maintained building shows a highly organized life of the people working or living in the building. It is also said that the first step to mend a broken business or life is to mend the building where it resides. Repairing building can be a big task and cumbersome task for somebody who is not aware of the best technologies that can be used to do the job.
There are numerous services which claim that they can make your building absolutely new in no time. Refurbishment of the building which includes all the painting and cleaning services can do wonders to the look of the building. High technology based glass repair techniques can completely get rid of slightest scratches on it. Various innovative solutions for onsite spraying are also available to keep your building healthy and safe.

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