Roll Or Spray Paint Your Home Walls?

14 May

When planning to paint your home walls, the first question that pops your mind is whether to go for sprayer or roller. It’s a difficult decision. Spray painting seems to be faster, but there involves extensive preparation work. In comparison rolling seems slower, but you get better results due to quality coat.

So if you are looking for quality of the painted surface, you would find the rolling paint option a better idea to go with. With roller painting, you get a thicker paint layer and better colour consistency than with spraying. Before you finally reach on some decision, you also need to consider cost, surface condition and preparation time.

Spray Paint Great For Texture

Spray painting is fast and are good for certain jobs. You may wish to use a paint sprayer if your wall lots of detail work or texture. Spraying is good for complicated textures. Also, paint sprayers have the ability to work into the narrowest crannies, laying down a thin coat.

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Simple Method

If you don’t want to keep things from getting complicated, roller is the way out. For this method all you need is roller, roller cover, paint tray and tray liner. With rolling option you can paint for some time and then give a break to attend your life. While with spray option, you have to continuously give time to it and it consumes your entire day.

No Money Wastage

Tool required for spray paint that is paint sprayer is costly, and it requires maintenance as well. You waste a lot of paint while paint spraying as the atomized paints drifts away. To be precise one-third of the sprayed paint does not end up on the wall surface. When you use rolling method, almost every drop ends up on the surface.

Reduce Masking Work

When opting for rolling paint method, you need to mask out only a few areas, on the other hand while spray painting a lot of area needs to be covered. Every square inch of the area that you don’t want to get painted must be masked in film or with a drop cloth. If you don’t mask the area you don’t want to get painted, then even that would be painted.

Not Painting Ceiling

If you are not planning to paint the ceiling, then paint-rolling is the best way out. When you opt for paint rolling, you can easily exclude the ceiling. Also, you don’t need to mask the ceiling when rolling walls.

When The Surface Is Not Clean

Sometimes it’s not possible to thoroughly clean the surface. Paint rolling is the clearly the option then. Rolled paint can easily hide the initial coat as it is thick. And it bonds better to the surface. While spray painting, the tiny paint droplets produced do not connect with each other so well. Professional painters use a fusion technique that uses the best of spraying and rolling: back-rolling. Paint is sprayed on the wall then is immediately rolled down, fusing the droplets together.

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