How to Keep Glass in Your Office Sparkling Clean?

30 Dec

Maintaining an office, in terms of keeping it clean is a major task. Office buildings or commercial spaces are designed such that they use glass in most places and in most possible ways. Be it windows, doors, room dividers and even table tops, glass adds an ultra modern look to the office. Glass has other benefits like the place look spacious, sharp, clean and gives complete visibility.

We have used the word clean but keeping the glass of the entire office building clean is a daunting task. Glass gets dirty very easily. Even the tiniest mark on a huge pane of glass is very much visible. So keeping the appearance of glass crystal clear mostly requires commercial cleaning services. And if the glass got damaged then glass repair service needs to be pitched in.

Regular cleaning is essential to keep the glass in your office building clean, clear and looking like new for longer. In case of building refurbishment, you can bank on ARS Ltd. Here are a few tips to keep the glass sparkling clean:

1. The first and foremost way to keep the glass in your office spotless is to clean it from top to bottom. This way you can keep away from streaks, so always prefer cleaning of glass should be done from top to bottom.

2. If you are the one who prefer using old newspaper or paper towels when cleaning glass then immediately stop using them as they can leave lint and streaks. Also, the process is time consuming. Instead use a squeegee that gets the work done faster. A microfibre cloth can also be used.

3. You need to take care of the type of water your cleaners are using. Ask them to not use hard water as it leaves permanent marks that make the glass look cloudy. Over the time, the glass surface looks shabby so better to tell the cleaning company to use soft water.

4. Try to get your windows clean on a cloudy day. The reason being on a sunny day, the window gets easily dry leaving streaks and spots.

5. To avoid dirty hands leaving marks on glass doors, install handles on the doors. You could also opt for automatic door openers.

6. Marks and scratches on the glass can be taken care of by making your glass bump-proof. To ensure that people don’t bump into the glass by placing frosting, decorative window tinting, or etching on clear glass. Protective tape and decorative glass stickers too can be used. Also using a sticker let people know to watch out for the glass. Get in touch with ARS Ltd. for any kind of building glass repair service.

7. Ensure that your cleaner instantly wipe off any substances or liquids that stick to the surface of the glass. If you don’t wipe it off at that time, it will leave marks. These were the tips to keep glass in your office sparkling clean.

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