Know How to Protect Curtain Walls during Construction

29 Aug

Large commercial buildings come with glass curtain walls. This means that one wall of the building is completely made of glass. The greatest benefit of such walls is that they allow abundant light to come into the building interiors, without allowing dirt and dust from making entry into the structure. Many people might not know but these glass curtain walls are actually attached to the outer structure of the buildings. Glass curtain walls extend through the whole building and are encased in metal framing for making them strong. Standing in front of the glass wall, you can enjoy complete outside view without any kinds of obstacles.

However, there are instances where the glass curtain walls are damaged during some kind of construction work. Damage can be inflicted on curtain walls during shipment to the main job site. Some walls also develop scratches etc during the process of installation. Post installation too, problems might arise when the other construction works take place and cause damage to the curtain walls. It is recommended to take proper protection so that these walls don’t incur any kind of damage or distress. For the aluminum casings, foam strips or reinforced cardboards are used so that they can be packed properly and saved from damage. The wall glass is protected with adhesive window films. This helps in providing protection from scratches etc.

With proper care and protection, the curtain walls might reach the job site well and even be installed without a single scratch or problem. But after this, utmost care has to be taken so that no damage is inflicted on the glass curtain walls. There are construction projects which continue for years and work is done in the interiors as well as in the exteriors. In such circumstances, it is quite possible that the wall might face breakage, scratch etc.

The glasses that are used for commercial buildings’ curtain glass walls vary in quality from one another. While some of the glasses might be ordinary, some of them are quite expensive. Areas which are prone to hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes usually use the expensive varieties of glass curtain walls. These glasses are resistant to seismic vibrations pr hurricane and typhoon impact and do not break or collapse down. There are many commercial buildings where high security and confidential works are done. For such buildings ballistic proof glass is recommended to be used for additional safety and security.

Protection of glass walls during the construction work

If you notice closely, you will find that majority of damage on curtain walls takes place at the bottom 5 feet or so. This is because maximum contact takes place with the wall in this height. One of the best ways of protecting the glass wall is by placing a wall of cardboard or other materials in front of the glass wall. Wooden or plastic walls can also be used for additional protection. Corrugated plastic or corrugated cardboard are the best options as they are lightweight, inexpensive as well as readily available. It is even better if these are white in color so that they are visible at night time too.

With more and more commercial buildings coming up with curtain walls, contractors have devised ways and means for maintaining and repairing them. Special equipments and devices are available for building glass repair and glass spraying. If the glass windows develop scratches, glass scratch removal system can be used for getting rid of the ugly scratches.

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