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Top 5 Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Whether it is your home or your office, keeping it clean, prim and proper is absolutely important. This is required for healthy staying. There are some basic cleaning tactics and techniques that all of us know. Years of experience come into count for sure. But there are certain cleaning aspects, which seem pretty difficult and time taking. For such cases, there is no other alternative than seeking assistance from professionals. These professionals have highly effective building cleaning tips and tricks up their sleeves, so that the cleaning work can be done in the most efficient manner within the shortest span of time.

Mentioned below are 5 highly effective cleaning tips from the pros for cleaning up building parts:

Quick dusting tip

Dust and dirt buildup is common in all homes and office buildings. Offices and homes that are located by roadsides are more prone to dirt and dust. Regular dusting should be done in these areas to keep dust away from accumulating on various things in the house. Usually soft cloths are used for the purpose of dusting as they tend to remove dust and dirt well. But professionals opine that feather duster is a better option for getting rid of dirt and dust from home. And there is valid reason for the same too. These dusters can easily clean dust from the chandeliers or even from the crevices of the blinds successfully. Working with these dusters is also highly convenient as it helps in getting the cleaning done quickly.

Removal of soap scum made easy

We all have struggled with removing soap scum at some point of time in our life. But the cleaning pros know some extremely easy and convenient way of getting rid of the same. Instead of using a sponge for removing soap scum, try using a plastic putty knife for handling soap scum. You will notice that soap scum will be removed in half the time and the efforts required will also be lot less. For avoiding buildup of soap scum, try using synthetic soaps and liquid soap gels instead of bar soaps.

Make vacuuming less time consuming

Vacuuming takes lot of time because we generally have to unplug and plug the cleaner again and again for moving the machine in different rooms. Within this time, the whole process of vacuuming could have been completed. You don’t have to do much for the same. Just buy an extension cord and use the machine in different rooms without the need for plugging and unplugging the same repeatedly. This will let you do more work in less time.

Use squeegee for making windows streak resistant

Streaks on windows are common, how much ever you clean them properly. The only solution to this problem is by using a squeegee for window cleaning. Many people try cleaning windows with newspapers for the slight soda content in them or with paper towels for their softness. But these are not that effective in removing the streaks. Invest in squeegees for cleaning window streaks completely – large ones for large windows and small ones for small windows.

Shining stainless steel

Stainless steel is used in various ways in offices and in homes. They are scratch and stain resistant; but they are prone to attracting stickiness and show fingerprints. Wiping stainless steel surfaces with mineral oil is a great way of keeping the surface shining. The problem of stickiness can be dealt with this process successfully and future cleaning time will also be minimized.

Follow these steps and clean like a pro!

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Top 10 Tips to Improve Surface Finish

Whether you are working on a wall or on some mechanical equipment part, it is important that the surface of the material has a smooth finish. Rugged and scratchy surfaces might cause injury to the hands or other parts that come in contact with the surface.

Mentioned below are some excellent tips shared by ARS Ltd., which help in improving surface finish in a great manner:

1. Minimize the feed – Minimizing the inch per revolution (IPR) will help in reducing flank wear and also enhances insert life. While roughing, it is recommended to use tools, which are capable of generating high feed. But while finishing, the feed should be reduced for improving surface finish.

2. Increase the speed – Increasing surface feet per minute will help in reducing build up edge. Tool life is prolonged with this step and chances of damage to the tool parts are also reduced.

3. Use of chip breaker is good – Using chip breakers help in reducing cutting pressures. The chips that are produced as a result can be evacuated conveniently. There are materials in which stringy and long chips produced. With a chip breaker, it is possible to produce smaller chips so that they get out of the cutting zone quickly.

4. The top rake angle should be increased – Rake angle is considered as a variable in the insert’s design. And this angle can be used for achieving the best surface finish. Having a lead angle will make the insert into the material easy and smooth and hence a smooth finishing can be obtained on the surface.

5. Using a wiper helps – Using an insert with a wiper is a recommendation given by experts when surface finishing needs to be smooth and good. Along with having a smooth surface, the insert with the wiper also helps in increasing feed rates.

6. A large nose radius helps – Surface finishing is directly related to the size of the nose radius of the insert. Smaller nose radiuses put lesser pressure on the tool, but there are also limitations on the feed rate, which can be used. With a larger nose radius heavier cut can be made, which is important when hard-to-cut materials are cut.

7. Using different tools to rough and finish – It is recommended to use different tools for roughing and finishing. Generally the roughing is done by slightly used insert; while finishing is done with a new insert altogether. Talking of the insert material, cermet insert is the best option in this regard.

8. Using the correct technique for getting perfect finishing – For fine and smooth surface finishes, it is important to apply the right techniques. It is recommended to select a cutter, which is smaller than the main radius. The cutter can be programmed for smooth finishing from line to line.

9. Checking the workholding and toolholding – Improper fixturing and toolholding will lead to chatter. Also a machine tool which is not rigid will cause various problems. Stable and rigid workholding is the main key for smooth surface finishing.

10. Using the coolant as per need – Usually there is lot of confusion regarding the fact whether coolant can be used or not for improving surface finish. The use of coolant will depend upon the kind of operation, which is being performed and also on the material for which surface finishing is being done.

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