How to Choose Your Home’s Colours and Finishes

27 Mar

Interior designing is defined as the process of presenting yourself with a smarter and more visually appealing living/working place. Colors and finishes are the visual cues that you can judge when you get to see it, but thinking of it from scratch can be a difficult job. Consequently, it is usual for clients to get confused about the ways to turn their ideas for flooring, bedroom walls and kitchens into functional designs.

Usually, the process begins with several consultations with interior designers.

However, there are two basic things that need to be addressed to find a solution.

The first step is to browse through the images that look good and find a common visual thread that’s constantly appealing. This common denominator might be a lot of whites or contrastingly, very bright and dark colors. It could also be about the lighting or the contrasting texture that the furniture or the carpentry has.

Once the visual threads have been identified, the next step would be to create a visual theme around the cues. This is where you can put in your ideas rather than copying something from the internet that has charmed you.

Thinking about ideas for integrating the visual cues is also the part where you can create interiors that have a unique style and this is where you will need on to the second step.

Start by choosing a photograph that you have liked and want a similar kind of bedroom or kitchen for yourself. Get deeper to identify the kind of colors used, the surface of the finishes and other things.

At the end of the process, you will have a list of colors and materials that you can start working with and this will give rise to your master template.

The “master plan” will be utilizing all the finishes and colors that you have identified from the photograph. The trick here is to be choosy and not consider all the colors and finishes you see in the photograph.

To make it simpler, let’s consider that your ideal room is the kitchen and will need to integrate the colors, a, b, c and d. Moving on to the next, let’s say the bathroom, you will be using some of the colors you had used in the kitchen (say b and d) but also bring in new ones, say, color e and f. this is how you create a visual link between the rooms while making them different in appeal and overall finish.

This flow of colors needs to be maintained throughout to arrive at a smooth interior designing.

With interior designing, the choices you have are really endless. However, the only disadvantage is that you will never be able to judge your selections until they are physically in place and by that time; it might already be late for changes.

Thanks to technology however, we have digital rendition, photography, color visualizes, and designers who will be able to understand your idea and give them a digital form.

Your home can be in place virtually even before the actual construction has started! This gives you a lot of opportunity to experiment and change things if necessary. All put together in the end, you have a space that you can really call your own!

By Alec Wood, Marketing Manager at ARS Ltd.

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