Top 15 DIY Home Maintenance Tips

01 Mar

Owning your own home has a very special feeling. After a long day at work, when you return to your own home, it is the best and the most relaxing feeling. But just owning a home is not enough. It is important that the house is properly maintained and taken care of so that it remains in the best condition for ever. Many of us think of maintenance as refurbishment, but it is not so. Maintenance is regular checkup and care of things so that they remain functional. In fact with due maintenance smallest of the problems are located in the initial stages and repairing them is cost-saving as well as time saving.


Mentioned below are 15 DIY home maintenance tips, which are easy and simple and can be done by all:

1. Take time to clean the oven at regular intervals. Though it is a time taking process, the time investment is worth it from all aspects.

2. The condenser coils right at the back of the refrigerator need vacuuming at an interval of about 4 months. It helps in doing away with the dirt and dust accumulation.

3. Check for extension cords in the house which are worn with regular use. Replace them with fresh cords to avoid serious electrical accidents.

4. Make sure that the furnace filters are replaced seasonably. Clogged furnace filters will hamper the performance of the furnace when needed.

5. Check the battery status of the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the house. If they show low battery, replace them immediately to be sure that they function in case of emergencies.

6. If your front door is made of natural wood, make sure that you polish it well to retain the shine and texture. If it is painted, surface-wash the same.

7. Cleaning the coffeemaker is important from time to time. It will take only 10 minutes in the process. White vinegar and water can be used for cleaning the coffeemaker thoroughly.

8. The air filters, grille and register of the air conditioner need to be cleaned so that there is no dust or dirt accumulation in them. Cleaning the filters will help in bringing fresh air in the room.

9. Keep a check on the water heater in the bathroom. If you find even small amount of leakage, take care of it immediately for preventing further damage. Rust also develops on these appliances.

10. Check the electrical connections in all the rooms. In every home, there are switches that don’t work, cords that are loose or electric points that are not working.

11. Check the insulation in the doors and the windows particularly if you stay in cold areas. Glass repair work might be needed in case of glass breakage in the window or door.

12. The garage door safety check is important. This door is outside and faces the brunt of nature directly. It is important to check that the door is strong and functions well.

13. The power back up system in the house should also be checked so that it can be used during emergency situations without any hiccups.

14. Clean the kitchen chimney at regular intervals. The chimney attracts all the oiliness and vapors and tends to get clogged if not cleaned and serviced at regular intervals.

15. The plumbing system in the house should also be checked from time to time to detect any kind of leakage or wear and tear.

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